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IRESS Features

  • Partial pressure control of the reactive gas for high-rate reactive sputtering
  • Works with multiple partial pressure feedback signals - mass spectrometer, cathode voltage,
    optical emission, and lambda sensor
  • System-wide approach to reactive sputtering
  • Patented technology in conjunction with RSI’s 30+ years of experience in reactive sputtering
  • Fast and flexible microprocessor-driven closed-loop control of the reactive gas
  • Active real-time monitoring and feedback of the process conditions in order to make online
    adjustments in the process
  • System-specific, specially designed gas delivery system
  • RSI designed multi-level (nested) loops to control the reactive process
  • Multi-target capability
  • Multi-gas capability featuring:
    • Ratio of partial pressures
    • Ratio of gas flows
    • Fixed flow or partial pressure control of the second gas
  • Installs on virtually any machine (retrofit, OEM, end user)
  • Two modes of interface/operation:
    • OEM integrated into the host system software with communication occurring via
      RS232, ethernet, and/or input-output signals
    • Stand-alone operation: IRESS can be controlled via the supplied User Interface
      (installed on any Windows® PC) and used as a stand-alone device with no
      modification to the host system software (great for the research environment)
  • Hysteresis curve generation to aid the user in identifying and repeating deposition conditions
  • Proprietary calibration routines to ensure process repeatability
  • Data logging of process parameters